Stompin’ George is truly a unique songwriter and performer. His combination of Florida roots and Colorado boots create an original Folk/Americana experience He has lived a bohemian life-style in art communities most of his life, and has been influenced by Tom Waits, the B52s, Mojo Nixon, and Vic Chesnutt. He writes of movie-star stalkers, weird love, his old man-- and a fly with one wing. His recordings and live performances embody individual personifications - he lives his characters and inhabits the places of his work. 

“My style of music is drama and poetry with an emphasis on storytelling. Improvisation is present in both my recordings and live performances. My songs are characters— mood-oriented, and they change depending on how I am feeling at that moment.”

“The band's music has a depth and maturity that is difficult to describe without hearing. Eldon is primarily a story teller backed by some of the area's best musicians who can embellish his songs with gentle, rarely aggressive, sometimes ethereal instrumentation. The songs are sometimes irreverent and about unusual subject matter...they draw you in and reward you with rich, wonderful music.” ”

Chuck Miller